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Professional Air Quality Assessment and Improvement

Radon Mitigation

Installation of Radon Mitigation Systems.

Mitigation Techniques we utilize are Sub-slab depressurization, Pressurizing and Ventilation (Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) Systems).

Consultation Services with reference to Radon Mitigation Techniques and Radon Reduction System Design.

Installation of Sub-Slab Gas Mat and Passive Radon System’s for new home construction.


HRV systems remove stale air, reduce moisture, reduce radon levels, and distribute healthier air throughout an indoor environment.

An HRV is an energy recovery ventilation system that works to reduce the heating and cooling demands of a building. It does this by recovering any residual heat left by exhaust air exiting the home and using it to warm the fresh air being brought into the home from outside.

We offer complete system design for new construction, installation, repair, and consultation services.


Your indoor air quality can be affected many factors, such as dust, odours, mold, radon, and high humidity.

We work with our clients to understand these impacts and make recommendations to resolve the defect’s.

We offer installation and consultation services.

Radon Education

We offer complimentary informative presentations to our commercial customers, community groups and realtors with reference to basic radon knowledge, measurement techniques and mitigation techniques.

Radon Consultations

We are available to answer any question with reference to radon mitigation techniques and design.